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  • Host a House Party

    In my opinion, the best way to get to know the people you are willing to represent is to meet them where they are. If we as citizen legislators are not willing to get together with other citizens then what business do we have representing you? It is imperative that we get to know each other and our concerns, from school board issues to state budget issues and everywhere in between. Please sign up to gather a group of your close friends together so we can have an honest conversation about the issues affecting you and your family on a daily basis. And by the way, if you have too many friends to fit in your living room, that is OK, we will find another place to meet. I look forward to having honest open conversations with you soon.

  • Become a Volunteer

    This is going to be a fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours. The public policy debate is no longer up for sale. It is time that WE step up and serve. I am willing to be your mouth piece in Madison, but it will take an army to defeat the status quo. Please sign up to do something that you are passionate about. We need to get folks out knocking doors and educating their neighbors concerning what is going on in Madison and putting up signs to get the word out that CHANGE IS COMING. Please take a minute and give us your feedback as to how we can better communicate the need for citizen lead public policy debate in our state.
  • Make a Donation

    The corruption that we are facing is unimaginable in my life time. IF there is a time to stand up and be counted among men and women who want our freedoms back, NOW is that time. This fight cannot be won without the support of each person willing to bring this fight to Madison. It will take WE THE PEOPLE banding together to oppose tyranny. Please donate below, knowing that any amount will help further your message.
  • Knock on Doors

    In order to combat the continual false narrative that is being portrayed by all sides of the political spectrum, we are going to need an army to tell the FACTS directly to the people of the 63rd Assembly District. The time for real information along with education has now come to the forefront of the public policy arena. The people of the district need to know what is REALLY going on in Madison and not what our elected representatives want them to "think" is going on. Transparency starts with open communication and without a direct conduit to the people there will never be full, open, and honest dialogue. Please join our team to help get the message directly to the people.

  • Make Phone Calls

    Not only are we going to need boots on the ground, but we are also going to need to make direct contact with the men and women of the 63rd Assembly District. The ability for us to connect directly with people where they are is going to be paramount to giving them accurate information regarding the state of affairs in our district. Not only are we providing them with valuable information, but they will be able to give us great insight into the needs and wishes of, by and for the people. It is imperative that we know what the people want from a representative and not simply for us to tell them what we are going to do for them. Please take time to sign up to help.

  • Other Ways

    There are many other ways you can help out. We have a place for everyone, we can find something that will fit your comfort level and whatever free time you might be able to donate: Walk in parades, fold literature, help with campaign research, chat with people online, spread our message on social media, help with campaign events, work at our Headquarters, attend GOP meetings to direct the future of the party, become a committeeman, or tell friends! Anything you can do to help is truly appreciated!

Help Adam take back your freedom

Register to Vote262.383.3321[email protected]

Checks can be mailed to:

Friends of Adam Steen
P.O. Box 364
Sturtevant, WI 53177

Please include a note with your name, address, phone number, your employer, and occupation (if currently employed) for campaign finance information as required by law.

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